Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a concept how to immediately get the customers via search engine. Comparing to the SEO, the advantage is that the PPC works immediately. These tools are complementary. A good SEO can lower your price per click and a good PPC can help your organic searches. 

What is the PPC actually?

A Pay-Per-Click is a paid form of advertising via search engines. If somebody enters a keyword from your actual campaign you`ll pay Google for every click on it. Google will then prioritize your site and puts your website in the prominent place in SERP.

Marketing Advisors and the PPC

We will recommend you the appropriate budget and set the campaign. Eventually we will create your account and manage your campaign in order to reach optimum new visitors to price for a new customer ratio. We use the Google Adwords and Etarget systems.

We measure the continuous results of the campaign using the Google Analytics – a free tool from Google. A well set analytics is a must of every marketeer today. We will set-up your account, set the parameters and continuously evaluate your site or the actual campaign.


  • campaign goals definition
  • the Adwords account setup
  • campaign keyword definition (including negative matches)
  • a copywriting of search network ads / banners
  • measurement of an effectiveness of paid ads and a continuous adjustments
  • continuous adjustments of the campaign settings
  • continuous evaluation of the keyword effectiveness, pravidelné vyhodnocovanie efektivity kľúčových slov, replenishment and creation of a new ad groups
  • continuous and final evaluation of the campaign

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