A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simply means to adjust your website in a way that it will be promoted by search engines and put on the prominent places in the search results. Many clients believe they cannot be successful on internet without it. Others will claim the SEO is just a big bubble. The Google cannot be fooled. The SEO consultants are mere “fortune tellers” who force clients to pay for nothing. Of course the search engine optimization is a “long run” and its results are not visible immediately. It is easy to believe the one or the other party. How it is in reality? 

SEO is just a tool

A very sophisticated one. But still a tool showing how to do something. The root of the success is not the SEO as such. If you want to make a business on internet you have to build a solid foundation. It always is the unique products that brings a unique added value. Something your clients really want and are willing to pay for. If you need a visited website it starts and ends with a unique content. The content your clients would love to share, like, recommend via email. Something with a real value. The value can be rational  (e.g. How to… tutorials) or an emotional one (e.g. music, entertainment). If you create such value on your web/blog you`re on the right track. However it is just a first step you`ve made.

SEO makes you visible

The search engine optimization  will work till the Google search algorithms have the abilities of the people. No artificial tool can evaluate a blog or web as perfectly as humans. Therefore Google uses the help of additional indicators such as keyword density, Flesch Reading Ease test, meta information, backlinks or internal links. This is what a good SEO is about. A proper content is the key. The proper and wanted content created in a way that is in accordance with all Google algorithm`s demands. If your content is evaluated by Google to be a right one it will have a prominent ranking in the SERP (Search Enginge Result Page). If the content has a true value the rest is done by the readers. The Google knows that algorithm worked and your position remains. If there are no visits your position despite the good one at the beginning will eventually fall where it belongs.

SEO and recommendations for 2016

  • Create a unique, interesting and wanted content. This is the most important recommendation I can give you. There are niche markets that contains a lack of information. If those relevant will be on your website Google will help you.
  • Spread your information. No matter you write the most interesting information on your site if you don`t give the world know. This is the time when the SEO comes into play. Make sure that you did your best when adjusting your blog/website to all the 200 factors the Google algorithm takes into the consideration. Of course nobody knows these factors exactly. Google keeps it secret. However the professionals found out that keeping these 200 factors helps them to rank their websites.
  • Make your information as interesting as possible. 3 bullets are not enough if you write a tutorial. You need a meaningful content. The 300-long-article is not enough today. The longer articles (1500 words and more) reach on average better results than the short ones. Minimum word count is 300 words nowadays. Use unique pictures with properly filled-in information (a title, an alt tag etc.).
  • Optimize. Today, one third of your visitors comes via tablets and smartphones. If your site doesn`t look good on a small screen or is loaded slowly your visitor will leave. Remember, it is much easier to press back button on a mobile than on a desktop.
  • Perceive the economic value of the SEO. The online marketing is a game of numbers. Sometimes the PPC pays off, sometimes it is the SEO. Sometimes both are worthless. I know business models that don`t need neither PPC nor SEO. They are using cold-calls with following email marketing. The ideal way is to give the SEO a chance (I wrote that the results didn`t come immediately).  If it brings you a value stay with it. The position is not easy to be built but easily maintained. However, if you lose it the comeback is hard and expensive again.
  • SEO is important but it is not the universal medicine. Good search engine optimization brings you visitors. However, if their interaction is a weak one (a too big bounce rate, a short average session duration…), you will fall down again. Your website has to achieve its goals. If you are selling online it must produce orders. If you are selling online advertising space via Ad Sense it must have for instance a good average session duration (people spend long time reading your articles). Thus your homework is to ensure the visitor finds all what he needs on your website (and the thing he needs ought to be your product).

Nowadays, the SEO  is in the era of crowded internet the real necessity. The WordPress.com states there was created almost 50 000 blogs on their platform DAILY in 2014.  In such a competitive world you would close your business without a properly optimized website almost immediately. Nobody would find you. However, the SEO is merely a tool. The tool that can bring your unique content to the reader. If the content is a rubbish, the SEO is a rubbish, too. If the content is a really good one, the SEO can be your road to success. 

SEO: a needless waste of time or an absolute necessity?

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