Believe Marketing Advisors

Marketing Advisors company is a result of 14 years in the marketing business on client’s as well as agency’s side. I delivered my services to a few big and many small brans such as Nivea, SC Johnson, Siemens or GlaxoSmithKLine. The time to build the own consulting business that will deliver advices to small and medium enterprises. Every company has the right to have a successful marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small. The opportunities are here for everybody. 


PhDr. Ján Sliacky

Who stands behind the Marketing Advisors project

My name is Ján Sliacky. After successfully finishing the international relations & foreign affairs studies at the Mathias Bellius University I started my career in the Government Office of the Slovak Republic.

Then I moved to the private business. I started working for the PRime time agency. I accounted clients such as Compaq, Damovo, eTel or Microsoft. In the advertising business, I worked on many positions from account manager to business director. My advertising career reached its peak in Webster. I was part of that agency for many years at the position of marketing manager. Webster is one of the best advertising/PR agencies in the pharma business. On the client`s side, I worked for K K H and KKH Brno, which I successfully rebranded to the Wolf Slovenska republika and Wolf Ceska republika.

Life knows how to surprise you

In April 2015, I suffered a serious accident. I have to deal with the effects of that till today. In a matter of a day I found myself on the wheelchair. The official diagnosis was the inflammation in the central nervous system. Who went through such thing knows there is only way back – a very long and painful way. It means a hard work everyday. Your reward is a tiny move of your health state to the better.

Every bad thing has its good side. This illness made the marketing advisor service better. I put much more attention to the online world that can be serviced from home. Now I can offer you the professional SEO, PPC, and WordPress site development. 

The Marketing Advisors Project offers you the best things I have learned and experienced at various marketing, advertising and PR positions during the last 14 years. 


Certificates and acknowledgements