Do you exactly know what you want? I offer you different marketing tools to fulfill your concrete need. We have realized many projects, from a simultaneous rebranding and corporate identity change in two countries  up to the effective post for social networks creation or an advertising for magazines. 

The proper marketign tools for respective objectives

You won`t use the SEO when preparing leaflets and booklets for the salesmen in the field. You wouldn`t start creating posters and flyers if you didn`t know what your product or company should mean for the customer.  The marketing is on the different level in every company. The one needs strategy,another searches for an image campaign supplier.

The Marketing Advisors offer you the communication audit (you will find how appropriate your marketing is), marketing consultancy  (that shows you the appropriate setting of your marketing) or performance marketing (PPC, SEO, Analytics, Etarget…). Our experiences allow us to make tailor-made solutions for almost any need.

The marketing tools we can make work for you:

  • a product/company positioning
    • market environmnen/positioning analysis of the key competitors
    • the positioning with the highest success potential
  • a product/company rebranding
  • a product launch
  • tenders (a brief preparation, tender procedures, a tender evaluation and recommendations )
  • an image campaign
  • a print communication (brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters)
    • copywriting
  • company websites
    • a web structure proposal
    • copywriting
    • a design and code supervision (including simple html, jQuery and PHP programming inhouse)

A marketing is an art how to create a demand for your product and/or services. It is up to you how you do it. We will give you the advice and help you with fulfillment of your dreams (do not be afraid, I your dream is crazy we will tell you about that) 🙂


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