How to do a good SEO for posts you`re writing for your company blog? The smart and perfect SEO tools are nothing compared to the most simple one. The great content. The content we are really searching for and read. It is so good that we share it, recommend it, quote it and copy it… This is what Google wants us to do. OK, forget the copying 🙂

The great content always wins

No matter how good the SEO for posts is the content is always the king. Google appreciates that your posts are rich in information. It is a common truth that longer posts have better results in the SERP than the shorter ones. The best results reach the articles with 2000 and more words. Google promotes the websites that give the complete answer to the searcher. The fact is that the average share number grows in accordance with the lenght of the post. Next to the length, the content should be the original one. There are a couple of the SEO tools that measure the content similarity with the other posts. If these tools are online, you can believe Google has them as well 😀

The social networks = a lifebuoy for your visits

Share your blog posts on Facebook, too. Nowadays, it is a necessity to have a blog/company profile. However, it is clever to share the post on your private profile as well. There are 1,59 billion of Facebook users (as of 4. quarter 2015).  Facebook is still mainly about fun and not about business. But your blog is about the fun, too. At least it looks like it. Good and interesting information for users. The mutual business will be just a next step for some of them. Next to Facebook, it is always good to share your posts on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. You cannot find how exactly it helps to reach a better position in the SERP. However we know by practice that the sharing helps.

Build backlinks

There have been different rumours that backlinks were dead and lost the significance for Google. But they are still very important for ranking. Of course the backlins were just a black-hat techniques many times. Due to the Penguin algorithm Google penalises the unnatural, paid or irrelevant backlinks. That means if the agency comes and tells it can buy cheap backlinks for you, just send it to hell. However, the real relevant backlins that helps the visitor to get better and more relevant information are great. Google will give you better position in the SERP. There are many techniques how to do good backlinks. If you overdo that, Penguin will start to act and you will be penalised.

Monitor, analyze, learn

A part of the job has to be done before you start writing the post. If you want to do a good SEO for the post you cannot be lazy. You have to find out what people search for. Look into the Keyword Planner. Maybe you will find real gems. Find out if your post is the effective one and does not make your bounce rate higher (that can damage the whole website). Check the source of your visitors and, the most important, what they do on your site. I think you do not want them just to read a post and leave. Which posts helps fulfil your goals the best?

Optimize for search engines

If you don`t use for instance the Yoast plugin when doing SEO for post you don`t think it serious with your business. A proper optimization is the thing that will move you higher in the SERP. Bring the unique information and not just a generic stuff. There is already plenty of in on the internet.  You cannot put in your post as many keywords as possible. So called keyword stuffing doesn`t work since the Hummingbird. Do a great title and metas, don`t forget the permalink. Do not write useless stuffing and long sentences. The Flesch Reading Ease test shows if you are readable.

SEO for posts and the regular updates

Nothing is more outdated than yesterday newspaper. Your content has to be regularly updated.  Google checks pretty fast if there is any change since its last visit on your website. If not you have a penalty. Regularly check if all your links are live. From time to time check whether your keywords are relevant. The taste and interests of the readers are changing and you have to react. Check if your meta description is up-to-date.


To write a great post that has a chance in Google and at reader is very hard. You fight with a huge amount of other posts. You can find a number of blogs written in one day at worldometers. When writing this blog the number reached  3 050 000. Unbelievable. If you don`t do your job properly and neglect the SEO for posts you write the blog in vain. Nobody will read it because you cannot find it in Google. Not to mention the value for your business. :-)

SEO for posts or a publishing for dummies

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