The Communication Audit is a concept how to find whether your communication is appropriate and effectively reaching your target audiences. If your business doesn`t work despite running communication campaigns the communication audit is the best tool for you. You will identify what was worked in your communication and what needs to be different. On the basis of a proper communication audit you will know how to prepare future campaigns in a way to maximize their reach and effects. 

The communication audit as a part of the marketing plan

Big players receive the feedback from the market and from target audiences continuously. They adjust their communication according to the newest information. If you don`t do it you lose an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and are on the best way to bankrupt.  It is crucial to adjust your actions everytime. Nobody is perfect to create all the communication on the first attempt. Learn from Microsoft who launches a new operation system with the just enough quality and level of perfection to be functional. Only after launch they produce a lot of patches to adjust and enhance the system. It is a neverending story.

The Marketing Advisors bring you the full-range communication audit:

  • the company strategy evaluation
  • the tactical plans evaluation
  • the marketing controlling mechanism setup
  • the marketing tools audit, determining of the positives & negatives, recommendations of changes
  • the past communication analysis in its relation to the goals
  • the expected versus real product/company positioning
  • the real versus expected goals

If you can learn from your mistakes and continuously enhance your marketing and communication, your success is just a matter of time. Use the communication audit, the marketing advisor service and performance marketing and put your company on the higher level. 

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