We are flexible. We know some clients feel better having the advisor they can contact anytime. Some clients need advice only for respective projects. Therefore brings the Marketing Advisors two basic types of co-operation. 


Fee-based co-operaton

If you choose a fee-based co-operation we will be at your disposal according to the mutual agreement that is based on the hourly rate. The fee will be negotiated at our initial meetings. Of course we can open the agreement anytime and make the necessary adjustments. A fee-based co-operation is suitable especially for the SEO.

Project-based co-operation

If you choose to use our services for a respective project we will set-up our project-based co-operation. The result of our agreement will be the order with the exact specification what will be delivered and for what money.  Any other changes to the signed order will need the mutual agreement. Thus we will avoid the classic illness of the agency to increase the budget in the one half of the project. The project-based co-operation is suitable for the PPC campaigns.


Ask for the initial consultation

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