Man would think that Google and SEO would be like a fire and an ice. However, the work for e-shop that sells vitamins and nutritional supplements showed me everything is different.

Google, profit and company policy

I naively thought that Google is interested mainly in profit. This is not exactly true. Google tries hard to be the best search engine in the world. That means Google brings the most relevant search results. No matter your company wants to pay big money for the prominent positions in Adwords. No matter, the Adwords is done for profit and is clearly marked as an advertising. Moreover, organic search results are not marked as the advertising and you cannot get there even for money.

Google is even stricter than the law maker

There are rules Google applies very strictly. Most of them are logical, of course. Surely, it is bad to promote dishonest or offensive behaviour or counterfeit goods. Interesting it becomes when you want to promote something that is allowed in the local country but there are countries where the same products are forbidden. In my case, the problem is caused by melatonin – the stuff that helps to fall asleep. It started quite innocently – I created an ad group in the Adwords, added the keywords and created the ad. Everything went active and suddenly oops – the ad is prohibited.

Google Hot-line, what would I do without you…

What can you do if you sell products like Fall Asleep (that consists mainly of melatonin) or the combination of Calcium + Magnesium + C Vitamin and Melatonin? Of course, when problems in Adwords arise the best way to solve them is to call Google directly. The number for Slovakia is 0800 004 406, the working hours are from 9.00 till 17.00 every Monday till Friday. If you are going to call them, make sure you have your ID, the customer number you see in your account placed on the upper right. So I called them and get the answer the zen master would be proud of.

Why Google does not promote melatonin?

The Google Hot-Line always helped me so far. The people there really know the stuff. The reasoning was the worse part. Melatonin is forbidden in some EU countries (not all of them thought). Google just decided to forbid them in the whole EU (just to be sure) and maybe in the whole world (I did not examine that so thoroughly). They told it is like that just to avoid the situation that you buy melatonin here where it is allowed and then ship it to the country where it is forbidden. Google simply cannot allow such behaviour when using their Adwords system. And because Google is a private company you can do anything but you will not help yourself. No matter melatonin is legal here Adwors will not promote it. And if you try to force Google you can  be banned and your domain will not be shown at all. So it is not wise to risk it.

Google and SEO

The icing of the cake was the advice from Hot-line. Even though the Adwords will not help me I still can do SEO. A good search engine optimization will move my melatonin products in the SERP and thus Google will show them. Great. So Google will not promote something because if some lawyer tells it is wrong it can cause problems. On the other hand, Google does not have any problem to show the forbidden products in the organic results. People search for it so what.

Google and SEO: the best friends

I think that Google looks very positively upon SEO nowadays. Since this search engine is so clever that it partly understands the written text, the SEO means the correct meta information (but the real info about the site and not a lie). The website must be technically correct. That means the page speed is optimized and is mobile friendly (Google loves fast sites and hates the ones that are abandoned before downloading). And, most important, the content is the king thus SEO means a great and information rich content that is searched and want by the people. Win-win situation.

Why to pay the agency for SEO?

You cannot be successful without a good optimization. Therefore you hire the agency specialized at the effective online marketing and it will make your site to be in accordance with all technical rules Google requires. However, it is not enough. Therefore you will pay the agency the monthly fee to create a really great content that people want and search for. The companies mostly cannot do that on their own. They either write trivial phrases or you will drown in the sea of information you simply do not understand. Many times to hire a professional is the only alternative. We, the online professionals, can be thankful to Google for bringing us jobs. Without its high expectations for a quality content and websites we will beg for food 🙂

When Google tells you to make SEO

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