Why do you need the Marketing Advisor?  Marketing is like an engine that starts your business and keeps it running. Do you want to make an effective marketing and don`t know how? Nevermind. We will together define the marketing cornerstones to build the solid plan of your success. Prepare yourself for a hard but unavoidable work that will lead to your success. 

Marketing is an entry-key to the world of business

If you started a company, the first step is to sell something. You have to invoice in order to survive. However, later you realize that the capacity to reach customers is limited. The salesforce is frustrated because it is hard for them to find new prospects. Nobody knows them and their products. This is when the marketing comes into play. Its objective is to create a demand for your services and products. When applied properly, the sales reps have a 50 % of their “road to success” behind them. They do not explain anymore who you are and what your product does. Many times they event don`t need to create demand. They only make business and close the sale. Who wouldn`t like to have a company in such a state? Contact the Marketing Advisors and the dream can turn into reality.

The Marketing Advisor will add “drive” to your business:

  • we will define the company mission a vision
  • we will identify key goals (long and middle-term ones)
  • we will plan a year-long or partial strategy for a brand and/or a company including main projects and tactical plans
    • we will identify tactical tools including an estimate budget, a timeplan and internal/external sources (the 3M Analysis)
  • we will define and set-up the controlling processes (how plans are met, a system to incorporate the actual findings of the project)


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